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With the electricity shortage in California, I put together a Solar Electricity Generation system for our San Diego home. Now you can learn about Billo's Solar Energy System   here.

I am an electronics enthusiast, and an Extra Class Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator, call sign K6IH.   Now you can see my new Elecraft KX3 (Ser 2399) , my Yaesu FT-817ND QRP rig, my San Antonio Ham Radio Station, and the ham radio antennas located on the South facing railing on the balcony of our 2nd story apartment in the 14 story high rise, where we live when we are in San Antonio, Texas. Since I operate the BPSK mode quite frequently, I use the KK7UQ IMD Meter to adjust my radio to have the proper Transmit Audio Inter-Modulation Distortion (IMD) levels.  The first antenna shown is the MFJ-1788 Super Loop 40 Meter - 15 Meter Horizontally Mounted Antenna , and since the antenna is located over 20 feet above ground level, it works better than vertical polarization of the antenna and has a lower noise level. Occasionally, I have used the MFJ-1788 Super Loop 40 Meter - 15 Meter Vertically Mounted Antenna with vertical polarization, but usually I use the loop horizontally mounted because of better performance when horizontally polarized. The next antenna picture is of my MFJ-1622 Apartment Mount Antenna and the 2 horizontally mounted ham stick antennas. Even with the limited antenna options for our balcony, I am quite pleased with all of the antennas pictured in the attachments. To give an idea of their performance, I have worked  France (F5TTI), Spain (EA1DR),  Hungary (HA0ML) , and Venezuela (YY4DNN) on 40 Meters, The Archipelago of Guadeloupe (FG4NO), Croatia (9A1CCB), Serbia (YU7AU), Saint Lucia (J69DS),  Italy (IT9PKO), Brazil (PY7DJ), and European Russia (RW4HBG) on 20 Meters, and France (F5NMK), Germany (DL2OCE), Italy (IK5FKB), the Calcanhar Lighthouse DXpedition (ZZ100FC), and South Africa (ZS6GRL) on 15 Meters, using my QRP ham station consisting of an ELECRAFT KX3 running 1 watt, a YAESU FT-817ND running 2.5 watts, or an ICOM 706 Mk2G running  5 - 15 watts, and have also worked QRP on the ham bands from 40 Meters - 15 Meters, such locations as Venezuela (YV1GFT), Brazil (PU2WDF), Argentina (LU9HGW), The Canary Islands (EA8TL), Puerto Rico (WP3PH),  Panama (HP1DCP), Mexico (XE1GK), Cuba (CO2VE), Dominican Republic (HI8CSS), St Kitts & Nevis (V48M), Guatemala (TG9ANF), Trinidad & Tobago (9Y4D), Uruguay (CX4ACH), Colombia (HK1IT), Costa Rica (TI2HAS), Chile (CE3DNP), Canada (VE3NOO), Honduras (HR2/LU1DY), The Cayman Islands (ZF2AE/ZF8),  The Island of Martinique (FM5WE), Curacao Island (PJ2/PD7DB), and so forth. Additionally, I have received a Short Wave Listener (SWL)  Station report of my QRP signal being received in The Netherlands by Short Wave Listening Station (PA11134). Also, I received a nice email from Venezuela Amateur (YV4DHS) after a QRP QSO with him. During the first week of using the above antennas mounted on the railing of my 2nd story balcony in San  Antonio, I worked over 19 countries on 40 M - 15 M, and am having a ball running QRP from my San Antonio QTH. I primarily use The Electronic QSL Card Center (eQSL) for electronic QSL card confirmations.  Here is my K6IH Authenticity Guaranteed Certificate from the eQSL site. I also have ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW)  to confirm QSO's. My previous call, was W6MQZ, and my first amateur call sign, which i obtained as a teenager in the late 1950's growing up in Pennsylvania, was K3PRF. I am a life member of  Since the ARRL is such a strong supporter for Amateur Radio issues, I highly encourage any Amateur (Ham) Radio operator, or electronics enthusiast to join the ARRL. In addition, I also hold a commercial FCC radio engineer's permit, The General  Radiotelephone Operator's License.

Additionally, I have a weather station to record the local San Antonio weather conditions when I am in San Antonio.  Also, I am very pleased with the Weather Display Program, that I use to record the weather data from my professional weather station.

I went to USC and got my BS and then my MBA. I am married to my lovely wife, Lilley, going on 51 years,  and you can see Billo & Lilley relaxing Hawaiian style .We have residences in San Diego, California, and in San Antonio, Texas. Here is a view of the world famous River Walk in San Antonio.  From the balcony of our San Antonio residence, we have a lovely view of  the fishing pond and the waterfall  behind our residence.We also have a garden plot at our San Antonio residence. Here is the first watermelon growing in our garden plot in June, 2011.  Also, you can see the first June, 2011 watermelon after we harvested it, as well as the harvested watermelon alongside of a Chile Del Monte Pepper Plant being grown prior to being transplanted to our garden plot.. One of my hobbies is keeping track of the local weather. I have two weather stations and several weather reporting software programs at my San Antonio ham radio station, and you can see the weather reports collected by my favorite Davis Vantage weather station and recorded and uploaded with the Davis usb data logger  and the Davis WeatherLink Software. Here you can see the weather reports collected by my Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station and recorded and uploaded with the Weather Display Software. Here you can see a view of San Diego at night. Now you can see our African Grey Parrot. Our African Grey is always talking and performing some enjoyable antics around our San Diego home. He is tame, and a great pet. We also have some Chihuahua dogs. Here you can see Lilley and the chihuahuas in front of our home in San Diego. You also can see some of the large tomatoes grown by Lilley in the garden area of the large back patio area of our San Diego home. We recently remodeled our San Diego home and kitchen. Here are some photos of the ceramic floor tiling we put in the entry hall way, the dining room, and kitchen, and some views of  our new kitchen with the real wood cherry maple cabinets, and the counter bar. Our son and his wife own a business in Germany and live there. They visited us in San Diego in May, 2001, and we had a farewell dinner at the Ruben E. Lee Restaurant, on the day of their flight back to Germany. I owned a computer business in San Diego, as well as having recently retired from law enforcement in San Diego County. Lilley and I used to go to Mexico frequently to eat lobster at our favorite restaurant in the small fishing village of Puerto Nuevo. Now you can see Lilley in front of Maria's Restaurant, and Billo and Lilley eating lobster at Maria's Restaurant in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico. However, recent violence in the border regions of Mexico have made us curtail our frequent visits to Mexico.

 I also am a Retired U. S. Navy CDR (Commander - O5) , an In Country Vietnam War Veteran, a Bronze Star with Combat "V" Recipient, a Charter Life Member of the Military Officer's Association of America (MOAA), a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and a member of the Association For Intelligence Officers. My last assignment had me headquartered out of the PJKK Federal Bldg in Honolulu, Hawaii where I would spend a week or so every couple months on the island of Oahu. Here you can see a view of downtown Honolulu shot from Sand Island across the bay. Since the islands provided a pleasant change of pace, here you can see Billo relaxing at Waimea Falls in front of Hawaiian wood carving statuary common to Hawaii. Additionally, after I retired from the military, I worked for the San Diego County Probation Department in California in a DUI Enforcement Team, and I am a Retired Deputy Probation Officer. Here you can see Billo's San Diego County Probation Department Deputy Probation Officer Badge and DUI Enforcement Team plaque. Here you can see the San Diego County Sheriff's Department Sergeant's badge and plaque that was presented to Billo at the February 1997 meeting of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association. The HDSA is a prestigious organization of business and community leaders dedicated to supporting law enforcement countywide. Since its inception, the HDSA has presented Millions of Dollars in special training and equipment to San Diego County law enforcement. Also, here is Billo's Texas Concealed Handgun License Training Certificate.

I  have been a Rotarian for a long time, a member of the Rotary Club of National City, and a Past President of the Rotary Club of San Ysidro, District 5340, California. As you can see from Billo's Past President Plaque, it is obvious Billo swings a mean gavel. I am a 3X multiple Paul Harris Fellow, an award of the Rotary Foundation, and a Rotary Benefactor. Now you can see Billo, my lovely wife, Lilley, and Joe Browder (right to left) at a Rotary District 5340 Foundation Dinner or another picture of Billo and Lilley at the same dinner. Rotary District 5340 has a district council meeting every two months, and now you can see Billo and my lovely wife, Lilley, sitting on Santa's lap at a Rotary Christmas celebration. You also can see Billo and my lovely wife, Lilley, at a Rotary District 5340 Council meeting and Christmas celebration, or see Billo and Lilley at a Sojourner's Christmas party. Some Rotary District events are casual as you can see Billo and wifey, Lilley, Hawaiian Style. Here is the link to Rotary International's Official WWW Site. Here you can get the latest information about the Thousand Smiles Foundation by visiting the Thousand Smiles Foundation's Web Site. The Thousand Smiles Foundation provides free cleft lip and palate surgeries for the disadvantaged throughout Mexico and Latin America. 


 Rotary is truly International in nature as illustrated by Ms. Veronica Zamora aka "Baron" presiding as President over the Rotary Club of Las Pinas East, Manila, Philippines. You also can learn about Hari's San Diego visit, and how $55,000.00 was raised for Rotary projects in India

During the late Peter Wulff's aka "Razor" trip to the USA, he and his lovely wife, Melly, visited California and attended the Rotary Club of Escondido Sunrise's Demotion Party for the outgoing president. Various Rotarian friends were in attendance. Now you can see the late "Opinionated Al" and the recently deceased "Razor" putting their heads together while in the presence of Ms Melly. Both the late "Opinionated Al" and the recently deceased "Razor" believed in BIB. You can learn more about BIB, and form your own opinion as to who the BIB winner is. Also you can see the late Peter's wife, Melly, and Billo at the party. From the angle of the previous picture, you can tell that the late "Razor", who took the photograph, was enjoying some California Red at the party. Finally, you can see the late Peter, Al, Melly, and Billo relaxing at the party. At another party hosted for Peter, you can see a lot of fun was being had by all. Here you can see Billo genuflecting in front of his lovely wife, Lilley, and  Peter's wife, Melly, Lilley, and Billo in a group hug at the party. 

One of my particular likes is fine watches. In particular, I prefer analog watches. Now you can see some of Billo's favorite personal watches for different occasions. For more formal occasions, I prefer to wear my Rolex President watch, or my Seiko watch.  For normal daily activities, I usually wear my Casio Solar Powered Atomic Watch, my  Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer, my Rolex Blue Face Submariner watch, or my  Rolex Black Face Submariner watch. For jogging and sporting activities, I usually wear my Casio Solar Powered G Shock Atomic Watch.  When I am traveling or flying, I prefer to wear my Citizen Blue Angels Navihawk Pro Flight Chronograph watch.  My wife, Lilley, also appreciates fine watches and prefers analog watches. For more formal occasions, she prefer to wear her Rolex Ladies President watch, or her Seiko diamond & gold watch.  For normal daily activities, she usually wears her Rolex Ladies Yacht Master watch, or her  Seiko automatic watch.

The Remains Of St. Therese Of Lisieux have been on display at various Catholic Churches throughout the world, and were on display in the USA from October 5, 1999 - January 28, 2000. On Christmas day, December 25, 1999, Lilley and I  had the honor of  going to view The Remains Of St. Therese Of Lisieux at a Catholic Church in the area. It was a very moving and tremendous experience for us, and one we will always cherish and remember.

We like to drive new technology, energy efficient vehicles. Therefore, we bought two Toyota Prius-2004 & 2007 , one for my wife and one for myself. The Prius is a great car, with EPA estimates of 60 miles per gallon around town, and about. 51 miles per gallon on the freeway, for a combined total of 55 miles per gallon overall fuel economy. With the advent of the Plug-In Prius, we sold our older Prius models and bought a 2012 Toyota Plug-In Prius. With the Plug-In Prius, we have been averaging 150 miles per gallon for our local driving, when we plug in the Prius every night. It is one of the best vehicles we have ever owned.

We have been doing a lot of cross country traveling recently in our Toyota Prius .Using the GPS (Global Positioning System) has kept us from getting lost on the road, and we use the built in Toyota GPS Navigation System, a Garmin iQue M5, a Garmin iQ3600 , a Garmin GPS V Deluxe GPS , a Garmin Nuvi 1390T , or a Garmin Nuvi 2460LMT , in our vehicles. Additionally, we carry a pair of  Garmin RINO 120 FRS/GMRS radios, which have an integrated GPS, which can send the exact position of each radio to the other radio. The radios have a 2 - 5 mile range, and are great for communicating as well as finding the other person's location. They really work well. We have been really pleased with Garmin GPS Products. They are one of the foremost leaders in GPS technology.

One of the main reasons we have been doing a lot of traveling is because we have residences in California and in Texas. Also, my Mother had lived in Pennsylvania all of her life. She passed away into God's hands on the 20th of December 1998, and my wife and I were there for the services and the Christmas holidays. Here is a picture of an antique wall clock, that we inherited from my Mother after her passing.Prior to her passing, my Mother had recently relocated into the assisted living area of a nursing home. Fairmount Homes is one of the finest nursing homes in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and my Mother was very happy there. We have become close friends with the staff and management of the facility. Here you can see one of the nurses, Vera Jane Hoover, who we have become close friends with, relaxing outdoors. You also can see my wife Lilley, Mom, and Vera Jane in Mom's old room at Fairmount Homes. Here is another picture of another close friend and nurse, Mrs. Martin and Mom at Fairmount Homes, prior to her passing. On 17 Sept 1998 my Mother celebrated her 82nd birthday. Here is a picture of Mom and her birthday cake, baked and decorated with loving care by one of her close friends, and nurse, Vera Jane Hoover. It truly took a load off our minds to know Mom was so well cared for at Fairmount Homes. On our trips, we usually stop at San Juan, Texas to visit the San Juan de La Valle Catholic Church. Here are some pictures taken at the church, including The Virgin of San Juan de La Valle,  another picture of  The Virgin, and a picture of a statue of  Jesus. Since my wife has relatives in Corpus Christi, Texas, we visit Corpus Christi regularly, and we regularly go to the religious healing services at My Father's House in Corpus Christi. It is always very inspirational to attend the services at My Father's House when we are visiting Corpus Christi. On our return trips back to California, we always stop in either Las Vegas or Laughlin, Nevada for some rest and relaxation. Here you can see Billo and Lilley relaxing while playing at our favorite slot machines in Nevada. While traveling can be enjoyable, there is no place like home, and it is always a pleasure to get back home to either San Antonio, Texas or San Diego, California.

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