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The original Rotary Club was organized in Chicago by Paul P. Harris, a lawyer. Rotary is the oldest service club, and the first meeting was held on February 23, 1905.

The name "Rotary" was chosen because the club then met in rotation at each member's place of business.

From the beginning, the Rotary idea of friendship, fellowship, and service to others has spread to six continents with more than 27,664 clubs and over one million, one hundred seventy five thousand, four hundred seventy one members. Still, only one person in every five thousand is a member of a Rotary Club.


Rotarians are persons who look beyond themselves to the community, the nation, and the world. They seek the truth and let fairness govern relationships. They build goodwill and better friendships and strive to benefit all in every inter-personal relationship. In short they put SERVICE ABOVE SELF.


Membership is by invitation only. Members are chosen to represent their respective businesses or professions and function in some executive capacity or with some discretionary authority. The "Classification Principle" ensures that our membership includes those from most every worthy business or profession in our community. In this way a Rotary Club becomes a good cross-section of the community.


Rotary is built upon fellowship and friendship which depends upon being at the meeting.

A Rotarian is expected to attend the meetings.

It is understood that among busy people a problem of attendance may arise. If members miss meetings they are privileged to "make-up" at any club in the free world. The time and place of meetings are listed in the various Rotary Directories.

Needless to say, each make-up affords Rotarians a greater opportunity to broaden their acquaintance and to bring back to their club information and ideas that can improve club operations and programs.

Each member must attend 60% of the regular meetings at his home club during each half year unless exempted by the club's Board of Directors.


The emphasis of Rotary is upon creating with the individual the IDEAL OF SERVICE . Rotarians are encouraged and supported in their personal activities in civic, youth services, and public service organizations. It is from the club that most members draw help in their support of worthy service activities. An example of such service activities is the Rotary Polio Plus Project where Rotarians around the world raised millions of dollars to purchase polio vaccines to stamp out polio throughout the world

Rotarians try to live by the FOUR WAY TEST.

    Is it the truth?

    Is it fair to all concerned?

    Will it build good will and friendships?

    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

During the Rotary District 5340 Conference held at the Hotel Del Coronado in April of 1995, Al Dixon, AKA "Opinionated Al" on the various Rotary online computer services, was presented with the District's Rotarian Of The Year Award. From the smile on Al's face, it is evident that Al enjoys being a Rotarian and truly believes in the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self."

Now you can be one of the first to see/download the Rotary International Theme and Graphics Logo for the 2000/2001 Rotary year by clicking here. Let us never forget that our mission is to CREATE AWARENESS and TAKE ACTION in our clubs, our communities, and throughout the world.

You can download the Rotary International Theme and Graphics Logo for the 1999/2000 Rotary year by clicking here.

You can download the Rotary International Theme and Graphics Logo for the 98/99 Rotary year by clicking here.

You can download the Rotary International Theme and Graphics Logo for the 97/98 Rotary year by clicking here.

To see the new Rotary International Theme and Graphics Logo for the 96/97 Rotary year click here.

To see the Rotary International Theme and Graphics Logo for the 95/96 Rotary year click here.

To get some of the latest articles, files, and information obtained from The Rotary International Libraries, you can link to them from here.

Prodigy is supporting the Internet and the online community with Internationally accessable, PRODIGY Mailing Lists. There now is a Rotarians listserv mailing list compliments of Prodigy. Thru this, International fellowship will be greatly enhanced by sharing Rotary related information around the world. Learn more about the Mailing Lists for Rotarians here. To become a member of this Prodigy sponsored Rotary Mailing List, input your email address in the following form:

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Once you are a member of the Prodigy Rotary Listserv mailing list, you can share international fellowship with Rotarians around the world by addressing email to "rotary@listserv.prodigy.com" and all members of the mailing list will receive any email sent to the list. This is an exciting new medium for sharing Rotary related information and fellowship around the world. All are welcome to participate in this exciting new mailing list.

Some Rotarians would like a separate mailing list exclusively to disseminate the Rotary News Basket, without having to read the the volume of mail on the Prodigy Rotary Mailing  list. Consequently, I have formed a new mailing list with the following email address, rnwsbskt@roti.net. Rotarians and those interested in Rotary  can subscribe to this new mailing list by sending an email to: majordomo@roti.net. In the text of the message put the words subscribe rnwsbskt.

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